Business coaching for executives

My offer for executives: intense personal coaching for improving leadership virtue and dealing with change.

The working environment is subject to enormous changes. Executives have to moderate these changes and often find themselves under considerable pressure to succeed. Therefore change processes are personal challenges. Sometimes we have to go new ways for which we do not yet have a map.

I support you in comprehending these challenges better and finding new perspectives and a broader variation of solutions.

Equal conversations on par

We meet in a confidential conversation on equal terms. This allows having a sparring partner in an open exchange. Through a structured reflection process I help you and accompany you in handling crises and obstacles constructively.

Well-practiced leadership strategies and work processes do not always and automatically lead to the desired results, especially in difficult phases of change. However, my experience as an entrepreneur and business coach shows that in a trusting coaching situation, new approaches and solutions can often be found quickly and in sometimes surprising ways.

Help with team conflicts

Beyond the one-to-one conversations, it is possible to include the work environment, colleagues and teams in a business coaching session through group discussions. How do you deal with employees in change processes? What effects team structures and unresolved conflicts have? Here, too, I support with a solution-oriented discussion moderation for problem solving and constructive conflict resolution.