Mission-Statement and Strategy Development

Mission-Statement and Strategy Development


In change situations staff and leadership sometimes lose the alignment and orientation: Too many changes at the same time: new supervisors, new partner or strongly changing market demands. Sometimes all at once. The employee’s call for strategy gets louder.

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Customized for your company we develop a suitable strategy with you and your management team. The involvement of management and employees leads to a more in-depth process but to effective result: One strategy you are working with and bringing it to life in the future together with all your employees.

To improve the orientation effect we develop a mission statement with the right impact. And not bursting with just approval enabled platitudes. This is done easily, if only a small circle is working on a mission statement firstly. Thus the model reflects the reality of business and thus can be taken seriously by all employees, two things are important: first, a necessary flexibility in view of the long-term corporate goals, because the strategy is the answer to the question of how these goals can be achieved. But a strategy should not derive linear from corporate goals. Secondly, the involvement of employees, efficient and useful, so that the model can be supported by all.


Accepted and effective corporate mission statement. Accepted and understood business strategy. Everyone knows his contribution to the (long-term) business goals. Management is then themselves capable of propelling the process of development.

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