Systematic Sales

Systematic Sales


Sales organizations often grow organically. In order to take the next growth step, the effectiveness of sales should be increased. Sales processes should be designed transparently so that creativity of sales staff is not restricted and can improve it’s results.

Consulting services and results

In a unique excellence-approach, developed with a MBA thesis, the organization is strictly oriented to customers so that your sales team can work effectively and efficiently with their own process standards. From structured qualification of prospects and leads via an appropriate controlling approach (avoiding the “number cemeteries”) to selection of a suitable CRM system that suits your processes (not vice versa) can be supported by our experienced consultants. We help analyzing where your sales currently stands and work out with you a (non standardized) marketing concept, which describes the tools and processes designed for your efficient sales. We support the implementation of the concept, so that the desired results also occur: Usually where the simple stuff is done immediately and the more complex things then after to gain a perfect cost-benefit ratio.


Sales operates transparently and structured. They know main leads and customers and operate revenues- and profit-oriented. Expertise is not only in the minds of good sales people but is available within the company, so that new sales staff can be incorporated quickly for example. Finally, unplanned events are early perceptible, so you can initiate timely countermeasures. Corporate and sales management is then capable of propelling the development process themselves.

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