CSR-Assessments and CSR-Reporting

CSR-Assessments and CSR-Reporting


Your major customer (industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food, metal, …) prompts you to qualify and assess your CSR activities. The assessment is provided by the service provider “EcoVadis”. Your customer says that the evaluation will have an impact on the contractual relationship.

Consulting services and results

There is a growing demand for complete transparency, ultimately by consumers claims, sustainability and CSR activities both in-house as well as throughout the supply chain. Corporations like your customers use services like “EcoVadis” for this.
We help you understand and interpret the requirements. With our experience (we accompany CSR assessments since 2012, and our clients regularly land in the top 10% of their sector) we will help you to distinguish between important and unimportant issues. So your transition from just responding into active usage of information and processes for your business will be the resulting value.


Requirements are clear and options for action are drawn up. Bay sparring the process you are particularly efficient, you react qualified and receive good or excellent ratings. 8 of 10 of my customers receive a medal ranking of their EcoVadis ScoreCard.

Interested? Talk to us in a free initial consultation and identify the right support and help with your CSR rating like an EcoVadis query.