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Even so-called “hard” managers discover the “decent company” as a source of efficiency and effectiveness: Ethical behaviour is not just a theoretical responsibility of corporate management; it has an impact on the concatenation of mission and values, goals, strategies, leadership and communication – to internal processes and a stable job satisfaction.

Strategies remain no theory if they manufacture overlooking feasibility and stakeholder benefit balance. Because the chain lives with dynamic, reciprocal and intentional dependencies: The improvement of only one element should always think with the effect on the other. Then efficiency and effectiveness increase measurably.


Consultants and Coaches

Dipl.-Ing. MBA Heinrich Scharp, Limburg, Germany
Coaching & Consulting

See stuctures, ignite change and demonstrate solutions by moderation and strategic thinking
CSR consulting and development
Consulting, training on communication and leadership
Sales Excellence (master thesis systematic sales)
Corporate Excellence, EFQM assessor

For more than 15 years, Heinrich Scharp has worked as manager and then as a consultant for large and medium enterprises.


Prof. Dr.-habil. Ralf Neuhaus, Dorsten, Germany
IMAQ - co-operation partner of Hochschule Fresenius

Business excellence (EFQM methodology), production engineering, Lean-Management, Master Excellence Assessor of EFQM, Brussels

Studied mechanical engineering at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum.
Building integrated management systems with a larger medium-sized machine and plant engineering company. During this time PhD graduation as an external PhD at the University of Kassel.


Björn Schmitz, Heidelberg, Germany
Dipl. Business Administration and Magister Artium Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology

Innovation and strategy consulting, organization development, collaboration designs and sustainability.

Since 2011 Owner Phil!omondo – Creating Social Opportunities

Since 2013 Strategic development, communication and cooperation with Schmid Stiftung