We focus on the needs of managing partners and entrepreneurs in the following fields.

Corporate excellence

Our certified EFQM Assessors help companies on their way to business excellence. We will develop specific steps with you: The measure with the least effort for maximum benefit comes first. We strive for the award of the ‘Ludwig Erhard Prize initiative’ (ILEP) for excellent companies.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Clarifying what corporate responsibility and corporate ethics is about, concrete and practical, is a task of the shareholders: We will assist you in e.g. building ethics capacity, developing CRS codes and processes or in implementing standards such as , Global CompactISO 26,000 or EcoVadis, have a look here, how this could be done.

Mission statement and strategy

Strong corporate mission statements (not platitudes that unfortunately can be found frequently) give managers and employees a basic orientation in a complex environment. The quality of codices and mission statements depends on how accurate and close they are formulated to reality. The effective integration of employees is crucial. We will show how to do this with little effort.

Growth Consultancy and Entrepreneurship

Change also means: New businesses and ideas need to be tested and validated with the right instruments. The methods of Entrepreneurship and growth consultancy navigate safely through new territory.


Project examples

CSR assessments, EcoVadis assessments

Initial situation
Request of large customers for an EcoVadis assessment, no knowledge of the process and the dependencies.

EcoVadis assessment transparent, successful execution, improvement of scores (“among the best 7% in the sector”).

Strategy development, CSR strategy development

Initial situation
No existing strategy, little guidance in change-situation, short-term response.

Individual, appropriate strategy developed and communicated with employees, efficient and clear methodology of strategy development and customization implemented.

Development of mission statements

Initial situation
No mission statement documented, little guidance, drivenness by operating daily business, no common benchmarks in the context of pending major changes, uncertainty.

Personal mission statement of the entrepreneur, Corporate mission statement developed and communicated in the company, process of development and optimization of mission statement clear/efficient, accepted and orientation-giving mission statement visible.

Development an optimization of business models

Initial situation
Demand for innovative business models, little experience with development and optimization of business models.

Methodology for Business Model Development and Evaluation implemented (Canvas), collection of business ideas evaluated and prioritized, business model developed for these ideas, examined existing business model to optimize and find potential improvements.